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Thanksgiving Feature Article:

New, Cutting-Edge Science Reveals...

How to Get a Girl to
Fall in Love With You

By Jason Capital (America’s Honest Dating Coach)

make love happen Ok, so you wanna get a girl to fall in love with you. And today, you’re gonna learn how.


And guaranteed, it’s gonna blow your mind how easy it is. Like if you can ask a girl 3 disarmingly simple questions, you can create intense, romantic feelings of love in her.

The whole process takes just a few minutes, tops. You can do it over a cup of coffee.

If you’ve ever struggled to make love happen… for her to finally have “that look”
you’ve been waiting so long to see… this is going to rock your world.

This, I guarantee. (You maybe wonder how I am able to do that. I’ll get to that in just a moment. Let’s just say for now, I have scientific proof.)

I think you’ll have to agree, there’s nothing more beautiful than a woman in love. Poems have been written, wars have been waged... all because of the love of a beautiful woman.

First though, we need to get something out of the way...

What the Process Isn’t:

This article isn’t about some contrived, totally AFC (Average Frustrated Chump) lame pickup method. For instance, when you Google “how to get a girl to fall in love with you” you get 661 million totally bullshit answers to that question.

google search

If that’s your cup of tea, go ahead, knock yourself out. Just don’t expect me to be here waiting for you.

Those methods either don’t work, require all sorts AFC behavior, manipulative trickery, spells and incantations, or take f*cking forever.

What you’re about to learn doesn’t. And you won’t find this method anywhere but here.

So listen up.

WARNING: In the next few minutes, you’re gonna hear some things that are pretty controversial.

For instance...

  • Getting a girl to fall in love with you ain’t hard. And it sure as hell doesn’t take 19 steps…
  • It doesn’t take a long time either...
  • And it can happen with any girl as long as there’s minimal attraction. It doesn’t have to be a “friends with benefits” relationship, but she at least has to like you as a friend…

Imagine for a moment what it would be like to be to have ANY GIRL you’re attracted to, fall head over heels in love with you.

It can happen, in just minutes. Just follow my lead and you’ll be on your way to truly having a love life.

What Kind of Girl Does This Work With?

I don’t care who you are, there comes a time in every guy’s life where he meets someone special.

Someone he really digs.

The attraction’s there. The chemistry is there. The sex is fucking awesome.

But love? For some reason, it just ain’t happening.

Or maybe you’ve just met someone and you’ve found “the one” but she’s reluctant. Interested, but not committed.

Feel’s like you’re in no man’s land, doesn’t it?

Or maybe the girl has some baggage and she’s resistant. Maybe she’s been hurt before and fears committing.

If you find yourself in any of those situations, you should know one thing:

You don’t have to cross your fingers and hope anymore…

And you won’t have to wait until “she just knows”. You won’t have to persist, like some low status, low value guy. You definitely won’t have to BEG for it.

Screw that. There’s a better way...

A Simple 3-Stage Process
to Creating Love in a Woman

No matter what the situation, there’s a simple 3-stage process for getting the girl not just to experience loving you, but falling in deep, unconditional romantic love with you.

You’ve never seen or heard anything like this.

And it’s the closest thing to experiencing love at first sight you’ll ever find.

She’ll see you through new eyes. The eyes of LOVE…

Yeah, after you go through this 3-stage process here, she’s going to look at you differently from here on in.

I’m talking specifically about you and her experiencing, maybe for the first time in your lives, true romantic love, insatiable desire, the kind of love you’d kill for.

Yeah, that’s the kind of love were talking about.

This isn’t the kind of love you experience in the heat of wild sex where she screams “God, I love you!” and then forgets she said it the next day.

Or worse, when you ask her if she meant it, she blows it off as just something she says when she’s getting good head.

No, this is the kind of love she’ll never forget. Especially if you’re going to be her first love.

So let me show you how it all works. Before I do, let me first say, what I’m about to share is backed up by solid scientific research…

Cutting-Edge Research into Rapidly
Deepening Strong, Personal Relationships…

Science has discovered, just like Masters and Johnson discovered there is a 4-stage process for physical sex, there is also a process for deepening interpersonal relationships – rapidly.

And when I say rapidly, I’m talking about taking no longer than hour.

This research, used ethically, has profound implications for guys who are trying to navigate romantic waters.

You don’t need PUA skills at all. Anyone can EASILY use this method.

Until now, it’s been a matter of guesswork how to win the heart of a girl. Or asking your friends (who are often just as clueless as you) what they’d do.

What I’m about to reveal takes out
ALL the romantic guesswork...

You aren’t tripping over your words, wondering what she’ll think. And there’s no way she’s gonna giggle at your romantic overtures.

It all started back in 1997, when a team of researchers wanted to know if they could create lab conditions that would make strangers quickly bond and form close friendships, even romantic engagements, after just a few minutes.

Let me give you the key takeaway:

“Escalating reciprocal self-disclosure under conditions of mutual vulnerability can have rapid, dramatic, long term romantic consequences.”

In other words, under the right conditions, you can deliberately have someone fall in love with you.

Ok, maybe it’s NOT love at first sight, but at least within an hour.

Here’s The 3-Stage Process:

Please, please, please do not use what I am about to reveal unethically. This process can be used on girls with boyfriends or girls with husbands to make them fall in love with you and it can be done stealthily.

They won’t realize what’s happening until it’s too late. So if you’re one of those guys who wants to steal someone’s wife or some other bullshit like that, stop reading now.

Stage #1:
“Setting the Stage”

stage 1First, you want to set the stage.

You and your girl should have a fun, playful vibe going on between you. Then take her to a place you guys can just talk one on one.

You can do this as simply as saying “You know it’s too loud here, let’s go somewhere more quiet...” or “I want to get a drink, come with me...” then leading her somewhere more private.

So now you’re alone and you’re enjoying each other in a light, playful, easy way.

Now ready for Stage #2.

Stage #2:
“The Cherry Game”

stage2 The Cherry Game is really fun. You’re going to ask each other alternating questions three times, back and forth.

She asks you one, you ask her one, she asks you one, you ask her one.

But there’s two very important rules to the Cherry Game. And by the way, this is exactly what you’re going to tell her as you explain the game too.

Rule Number #1: You go, “Rule Number #1, anything goes. We can ask each other any questions we want, but no yes or no questions. Yes or no questions are boring.”

Rule Number #2: There are no skeletons allowed to be left in the closet. You’re totally honest with each other about everything. You must answer the question fully and honestly without holding back.

You’re keeping it real.

So as you’re explaining the game to her, she’ll start to get really excited about it and want to play.

Now here’s what’s going to happen:

With each round of questions, your relationship is going to get more intimate. More connected.

There will be a point where, when you ask the questions in the right way, you and her are going to look each other in the eye and know love is in the air.

Body Language is CRITICAL…

In terms of your body language, you just want to be relaxed. You want to be laid back, you want to be leaning back, you want to be open, to have an arm maybe resting against the chair next to you, and your legs open.

Show that crotch, damn it!

Everything’s cool, you love yourself, life is awesome, shit’s cool, you have nothing to hide. You’re genuine, you’re free, you’re open.

You’re just a cool, relaxed dude hanging out with a girl.

How to Double Her Feelings of Love…

So that’s number one... body language. Number two, if you can be holding or playing with each other’s hands during this in any way, this will enhance the connection.

Now you don’t have to be holding hands the whole time. But if you can just be playing with each other’s hands or doing anything like that while you’re actually going through the three questions, you are 100% going to have yourself a Stage Five Clinger.

The reason for this is because connecting of the hands amplifies the intense feelings of love by up to 100%. (That’s double, by the way).

Now I don’t, but some guys actually enjoy Clingers. But please, be very careful if you’re actually going to be holding a girl’s hands while you play this game.

Because she will become obsessed and addicted with you. And will not leave you alone.

Stage #3:
“Lock-In Love

Now, get ready for the climax. The part that’s going to blow you away. I simply say...

stage 3“I have this friend who’s actually a shaman in training right now. And she just showed me this really cool process they just taught her.

“It’s called Time Gazing. You’re going to love it…

“Here’s what it is. We hold both our hands out in front of us and place them on top of each other but my right hand goes on top of your left and your right hand goes on top of my left.

“And then we just look right eye to right eye, just at each other, while holding the hands right here in front of us, for two minutes.

“And she said, “What shamans have realized is that when you actually do this, it lets you see what the other person looks like when they were just like a cute little kid and what they’re going to look like in ten years. I haven’t tried it yet but it sounds so fucking cool, so come on, we’re going to try it now.”

You might want to throw in something like, “She said that at point, we’re both going to be like, holy shit this is so intense, but you’re supposed to just relax, let it go and keep your breathing so you can keep going all the way to two minutes.”

And you kind of say it like, “You think you can handle that? I know it’s a little bit of a challenge...” She’ll accept the challenge, say yes and then you’ll get into it.

Go ahead, do the time gazing. Hold that for two minutes and after those two minutes are through…

You will have created feelings, deep romantic
love with this girl. Feelings she won’t be able to deny

That’s right, you will have created love with this girl.

I’ve tested this unique process out with a core group of guys in my inner circle over the past year and I can tell you unequivocally it’s da bomb.

For instance, one guy said within hours afterwards the girl told him she had never felt such feelings for anybody in her life. She had been previously been stand off-ish about being close.

Another said the girl he tried this process with proposed to HIM right after. That’s right, she wanted to go to Vegas and get married that moment.

And one guy even told me he tried it with a girl and DIDN’T think he got a reaction. Then for month afterwards, she would do the craziest things for him.

Way beyond just doing his laundry.

We’re talking sex in public places... Paying for his college tuition... Even inviting one of her hot friends over one night for a threesome. Because she knew that’s what HE wanted.

A girl really has to love you in order to be able to do something like that.

Now at this point, you’re probably wondering what the 3 specific questions are to ask. And that’s why I created...


The Love Code™

3 Questions That Create
Love In Any Girl

  • 3 Disarmingly Simple Questions Explained in Full Detail
  • Complete Instructions for Each of the 3 Stages Including Ways to Personalize
  • How to Amplify Her Feelings for You Even More

Regular Price: $

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Love Code

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The Love Code™ is a special info-packed report that lays out the 3-stage process, focusing on the 3 specific questions you need to ask your girl. Questions that shift, change, transform her perspective of you, her and her relationship with you.

It’s a quick read. But it’s value is life transforming.

Each question, asked in the right way, will amplify her feelings.

By the time you both are done, she will be in love.

What The Love Code™ Is Not

The Love Code™ is not NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

It is not PUA (Pickup Artist) tech.

It is not hypnosis.

In fact, it has NOTHING to do with persuasion or influence. Conscious or unconscious.

When you’re working with feelings of love, trust me, you do that shit and it’ll will backfire big time on you.

With The Love Code™, it’s the context of what’s happening in the moment. Remember what the scientific research said:

“Escalating reciprocal self-disclosure under conditions of mutual vulnerability can have rapid, dramatic, long term romantic consequences.”

It’s kinda like in those action movies where you see a “damsel in distress” scene. The damsel goes from being a cold hearted ice queen to falling madly in love with the hero after he saves her from certain death. It happens like clockwork.

This is a different context, but the result is the same. The woman falls in deep, romantic love but not with some action hero... with you.

Love... Cracked Hacked!

No doubt The Love Code™ will create feelings of romantic love and intense desire in your girl. Yet, it also has multiple unexpected side benefits.

You can also look forward to strong feelings of optimism, and magnified self-confidence.

That’s because trust has been established with her. You’ll find her trusting you more and more as each day passes.

Of course, the sex is going to be fucking awesome.

What Guys Are Saying about The Love Code™...

“Jason, these 3 questions are like nuclear fusion for feelings.”
“…you’re going to go down in history as the guy who figured it all out. Years from now, guys around the world will be praising your name.”
“I've always been decent at conversation Jason, but you just offically warped my mind with your Love Code. I tried it out on a date last nightand it worked just like you said. I asked her the 3 innocent questions and bam, she asks to come home with me, sleeps over and just finished cooking me eggs for breakfast. How can I pay you more money?”
“This is eons beyond PUA techniques..holy shit man. .”
“You shared your secrets with me, and I’m gonna share one with you. When you’re doing this, see if you can have some semi-romantic music playing quietly in the background. It’ll intensify her feelings even more. That’s what I’ve found out.”

Now, Maybe for the First Time in Your
Life Love Is Within Your Grasp…

Lots of guys have sex. Lots of guys have girls. But do their girlfriends truly love them?

Hard to say.

I can tell you if you have a girl and she doesn’t love you, I mean REALLY love you with all her heart, you’re missing out on one of the greatest things about being a man.

Having the love of a beautiful woman.

When I released The Love Code™ to my inner circle of guys, I only wanted guys who would get it, apply it and give me specific and measurable feedback about how to improve it. I wanted to work out the kinks.

I offered only 100 copies to my guys and sold them for $500 each. I sold out in just a couple of days. I only wanted guys who were serious about using it.

The feedback was off the chain.

However, when you click the button below now, you won’t have to pay $500 like they gladly did.

You won’t have to pay even $250. Or even $100. Or $50.

And not even $29. That’s right.

I may be crazy. But I’m offering The Love Code™ for just... measly bucks.


Now that I’ve perfected it, I just think every guy (and girl for that matter) deserves a shot at real love, don’t you? And if I personally can contribute to that goal in some small way, I’m willing to get this program into the hands into as many guys as I can for as little as possible.

Sounds kinda syrupy, but The Love Code™ really can change the world for guys.

Now that I’ve discovered the scientifically-proven core principles that drive true intimacy in relationships, I want everybody to have it.

Is Her Love for You Guaranteed?
Amazingly, YES!

Now, let’s just be straight about something.

Will I guarantee your girl will fall in love with you?

Yeah, use The Love Code™ one time on her and she WILL fall in love with you. It’s that powerful. I guarantee it.

You’re gonna get that look. That look of love.

Just be careful who you use The Love Code™ on. Make sure either she’s the “the one.” Or that she stands a damn good chance of being the one.

Then, if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied (and I’m talking over-the-fucking-moon satisfied,) just hit me up for a no questions, no hard feelings refund. My email is support@lovecode.com.

You can expect a prompt, courteous refund.

So go ahead and download your copy now. It’s waiting for you.


A Fool-Proof Way to Finally and
Forever Escape the Friend Zone

Imagine the possibilities with The Love Code™ in your back pocket. Or on your cell.

I’ll bet you’ve at least had ONE girl you had feelings for who relegated you to the nether reaches of the friend zone.

Or even the more terrifying... “brother zone.” Where she sees you as a brother. Ugh.

However, with The Love Code™, you now can turn those situations into opportunities. A way for her to see you through new eyes.

The eyes of love.

So go ahead and click the button below and let’s get your copy of love code in your hands.


“Love is a Drug”

Listen, I’ve never done ecstasy. Never offered E to a girl either.

But from what I can tell, the The Love Code™ process creates all the same insanely romantic feelings in a girl--without her getting all loopy on you.

You’re just about 30 short minutes and 3 simple questions to locking in on the love you want. From your girl. From any girl.

The best part? Unlike E, the feelings don’t wear off in a few hours.

All it takes is three simple questions you’re about to learn in The Love Code™…


How Much is the Love of
Your Life Worth to You?

Listen, I don’t know your girl, but her love’s got to be worth lousy bucks, right?

And while it’s not much, I’ve taken away all the risk of you seeing for yourself that The Love Code™ does, in fact, work.

Consider it proof of how much I believe The Love Code™ will work for you.

So go ahead and click the button below and check it out. If it’s not everything I say it is, I’ll refund you. If you try it, and you don’t get the romantic results you expect, I’ll refund you as well.

That’s pretty bold, but I an advantage. I have the experience of 100 guys on my side who paid $1,500 each to learn it, telling me it works like crazy. Even better, I have science on my side.

And pretty soon, you’ll have the benefits of the same science on your side too.

The days of guessing about love are over. Go ahead and click the button below now and let’s unleash love in your life…™…


Jason Capital,
Jason Capital Signature

PS: Why did I write this?

Speaking from experience, every guy needs to experience what real love is. Even if just one time.

It’s exhilarating.

I’m no poet, but life really doesn’t get any better when you’re in love. And the other person, loves you right back.

If you’ve got a girl and heck, even if you don’t have a girl yet, I encourage you to know the The Love Code™ process. You never know when that special moment will strike.

When you and her are alone, one on one, with that playful intimate vibe going on. Then you tell her…

“I want to play a game...”

NO, not like Jigsaw in the SAW movies!

No. In that boyish, fun way that makes a girl open up with possibility. Wanting to follow your lead.

You have in front of you a real opportunity to experience deep, profound, eternal, infinite, lasting love. Don’t underestimate its power.

I urge not to pass my offer up. Because it may be the only real shot at love you have.

Go for it. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.